Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of Assistance League of Kansas City comprises nine community leaders who serve our organization in an advisory capacity.  Members are elected by the Board of Directors and serve a rotating three year term.
Mr Gary Barnes
Ms Judy Keller
Dr Cecelia Robinson
Dr Utpal Goswami
Ms Tammy Henderson
Ms Theresa Hupp
Ms Jean Moore
Mr Mark Tomes
Ms Tina Uridge
Husch Blackwell LLP
Jeffrey Byrne & Associates
William Jewel College, Professor Emeritus
MCC Maple Woods
North Kansas City School District
Qualitative Research Management
CEK Insurance, Inc
Clay County Senior Services

Pictured above, front row, left to right:
Gary Barnes, Tina Uridge, Jean Moore, Dr. Uptal Goswami, and Tammy Henderson.
Not pictured: Judy Keller, Dr Cecelia Robinson Teresa Hupp and Mark Tomes
Back row: Ann Whittaker, President 2015-2016 and Cathy Stone, President 2014-2015