2019-2020 Board of Directors

Assistance League of Kansas City, 2019-2020 Board of Directors

Seated (left to right):  Faye Smith (Secretary), Cela Sullivan (Education), Kay Weir (President), Rita Pickering (President Elect),
Linda Craigie (Property Management), Jeannette Borusheski (THE ReSALE SHOP)

Standing (left to right): Margie Thomas (Finance), Sanya Brown (Assisteens®), Penny Merrill (Operation School Bell®),
Debbie Sobba (Marketing Communications), Pam Tomes (1st Vice President - Membership), Barbara Condra (Strategic Planning),
Karen Mollohan (2nd Vice President - Philanthropic Programs),
JoAnn Higgins (Auxiliary Representative to Chapter), Libby Blair (3rd Vice President - Resource Development)
Not pictured:  Debi Renfro (Treasurer)


2019-2020 Board of Directors:

Kay Weir - President
Rita Pickering - President-Elect
Pam Tomes - 1st Vice President/Membership
Karen Mollohan - 2nd Vice President/Philanthropic
Libby Blair - 3rd Vice President/Resource Development
Faye Smith -  Secretary
Debi Renfro - Treasurer
Margie Thomas - Finance
Jeanette Borusheski - THE ReSALE SHOP Chairman
Sanya Brown - Assisteens® Coordinator
JoAnn Higgins - Auxiliary Representative to Chapter
Cela Sullivan - Education
Debbie Sobba - Marketing Communications
Linda Craigie - Property Mangement
Barbara Condra - Strategic Planning
Penny Merrill - Operation School Bell®

Appointed Positions/Chairmanships (Non-Voting):

Libby Blair - Advisory
Tina Buckler/Susie Hillix - Hospitality
Jeanne Judson - Chapter Liaison To Auxiliary
Sheryl Shreve - Social Committee
Chris Urie - Member Orientation
Linda Goddard/Jane McGinley - Assault Survivor Kits®
Allison Titus/Peggy Carruthers - Senior Outreach Service
Janet Geary/Sheryl Shreve - I’m In Charge
Becky Clark - Grants
Ann Davenport/Carol Brewer - Operation Hug
Ann Barnes - Step UP for Students
Becky Clark - Heartland Auxiliary
Suzanne Locke - Information Technology
Judi Farrell - Assistant Treasurer (THE ReSALE SHOP)
Bobbi Myers - Corresponding Secretary
Shelly Knight - Risk Management
Claudia Gosoroski - Assistant Treasurer - Chapter
Nancy Dumoff - Community Volunteers
Cathy Stone - Past Presidents
Gerry Kissinger - Reading Committee
Jackie Schiller - Social Event Planning
Penny McColloch - Best Foot Forward
Sherry Sweat - Bylaws/Parliamentarian
Bette Henderson - Outreach
Ann Whittaker/Terry Besser - Philanthropic Research & Evaluation
Nancy Dumoff - Scholarship
Jackie Schiller - Social Events
Sue Lowe - Circle Fund