Membership Information

Become a part of an incredible group of volunteers who are dedicated to making a difference in your community. Members often say that they joined Assistance League for their programs and stayed for the friendships they formed.  Assistance League offers unique volunteer opportunities that fit your interest and time.

As a member, you will enjoy the benefits and rewards of:
  • Making a difference within your own community
  • Becoming aware of issues in your community and learning about resources to effectively address them
  • Knowing that your efforts can have a profound and lasting effect on the life of someone you've never met
  • Being part of a team that believes that their participation in these programs can help make the world a better place
  • Making friendships that will last a lifetime by working together on programs that benefit others
  • Discovering in yourself a never-ending capacity for generosity
  • Experiencing the wellspring of emotion as you experience a smile of thanks or words of appreciation
  • Developing and using leadership skills and talents you never knew you possessed and the self-confidence you gain with each success
  • Gaining new skills through volunteerism
Assistance League of Kansas City holds Informational meetings several times a year for prospective new members.  Click here to contact us if you are interested.

Click here to view/download potential member interest and enrollment forms.

Heartland Auxiliary
Assistance League of Kansas City’s Heartland Auxiliary provides individuals an evening volunteer opportunity.  Click here to learn more about Heartland Auxiliary.  

Assistance League of Kansas City also provides an opportunity for teens to volunteer.  Click here to learn more about our Assisteens auxiliary.
  Become a volunteer with Assistance League of Kansas City and make a difference in your community.

Community Volunteers
Assistance League of Kansas City welcomes community volunteers to assist with our community-based philanthropic efforts.  There are circumstances where individuals or groups would like to support our programs without regard to chapter membership.  Please contact us online if you or your group is interested in arranging a non-member volunteer opportunity.