Operation Child in Need

Operation Child In Need helps any child in our community whose family is unable to provide the things that would help their educational, physical or emotional development. This program assists foster children, foster families, wards of the court and other children in need. This program distributes new backpacks and school supplies as well as fills requests for clothing, tutoring and the extras children need that cannot be provided by the families and agencies caring for them.  

In 2018-2019, 1,027 clients were served.  School supplies and backpacks were distributed and special requests were granted.  Requests for assistance are made to Assistance League of Kansas City through school counselors and social workers.  Operation Child In Need began in 1991 and is truly a unique program meeting important individual needs of children that are not being met through other assistance programs.
       Operation Child in Need distributes backpacks, school supplies, clothing, tutoring and more for children in need.

Individual requests granted during past years include:
  • eye exams and glasses
  • a portable crib, diapers and baby supplies
  • psychiatrist services for a child
  • bike helmets
  • a baby carrier
  • compression stockings for a 9-year-old with a circulatory disorder
  • space heaters
  • croc-like shoes and two yards of fleece to make a poncho for a girl with autism who lives with her grandparents
  • gas and hotel expense for a family to take their child to see a pediatric neurological oncologist in St. Louis
  • replacing Christmas gifts for a family whose gifts were stolen
  • a birth certificate, clothing and shoes for a homeless boy so he could get a job
  • many requests for clothing and school uniforms for children without and those removed from their homes.

Following are notes received from children, a case worker and a school social worker served by Operation Child In Need:


"Dear Money Giver, I'm very thankful for the money for the shoes, if it wasn't for you people or money I wouldn't have shoes on my feet right now.  You guys are really a blessing to many people at this house.  P.S. you give me hope someone cares."

"I thank you for the $150 paid for my clothing.  I was able to get a couple outfits and an outfit for church.  With much appreciation..."

A case worker whose 18 year old client received new clothing in order to be able to look for a job was nearly in tears as he said he had never had so many new clothes in his life.

"Thank you so much for the last two school clothing vouchers!  I am just shocked at how quickly these are distributed!  It is difficult to verbalize the difference new school clothes makes in a teenager's life.  Thank you very much.  We truly appreciate you and your organization."