Operation Hug

Operation Hug provides new teddy bears to comfort children in crisis.
  • During 2018-2019, Assistance League of Kansas City members distributed 4,360 teddy bears to area emergency locations to comfort children who are ill or are involved in accidents or other traumatic situations.  We deliver teddy bears to hospitals (Excelsior Springs, Liberty, North Kansas City, St Luke's North, St Luke's Smithville, Truman Medical Center); surgical centers (Briarcliff, Creekwood and Liberty); fire departments (Gladstone and Fishing River) as well as Patient Service Centers (St Luke's North and St Luke's Plaza).
  • Over 92,220 teddy bears have been distributed since this program began in 1988.
  • In a recent survey, over 90% of participating facilities felt patients were comforted and reassured by receiving an Operation Hug bear.
       Assistance League of Kansas City - Operation Hug provides new teddy bears to comfort children in crisis.

A thank-you note was received from a mother of a little girl who received one of our bears at St. Luke's Hospital North. She wrote, "This summer my daughter and son were playing with scissors when my son accidentally cut his sister's face and lip. We went to St. Luke's North for stitches. My daughter was very upset and scared to be there until the nurse brought her one of your bears. She is fully recovered now with very little scarring and sleeps with her bear ‘Luke’ every night. Thank you for such a wonderful program."

Another mother whose child received a teddy bear wrote this, "...last night my daughter was in the hospital with a real nasty stomach bug.  Once the hospital staff got her feeling better they came by with an adorable little Teddy bear for her.  It totally brightened her night.  I want to thank your group for providing such a nice bear for her.  She's actually holding on to it now as she naps. Your kindness has put a smile on her sick little face and has touched my heart tremendously.  Thank you for your generosity."

A nurse said this about Operation Hug, "At times it (the teddy bear) was as much comfort to the mom as it was the kids."

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