Operation School Bell®

Operation School Bell provides items to needy and at-risk elementary & middle school kids.
Operation School Bell provides new clothing and supplies to local elementary and middle school students in need.
  • 3,354 total (2,677 elementary/677 middle school) children in eight area school districts received services though Operation School Bell during 2017-2018.
  • 34,225 elementary and middle school children have been clothed over the last 26 years of Operation School Bell's operation.
  • Eighth year of operation for the middle school program - 2,479 middle school students served since inception.
  • A survey completed by counselors bringing students to Operation druing the 2017-2018 school year, 75% of school counselors felt the program made a significant or positive change in classroom behavior, 100% or couselors felt the program had a significant or positive effect on student confidence and 75% of school counselors felt the level of engagement with peers and/or school activities was significatnly or positively affected by participation in the program

A parent comment:  "Honestly, my child really is always excited.  It's the only time she gets to feel what it's like to shop other than what we receive from others cleaning out their closets."

A teacher comment:  "...this makes a tremendous impact on their lives...this helps them to be comfortable and confident students...this program has been helpful in boosting student confidence by decreasing the social issues related to wearing the right clothes."

A teacher comment:
"...this program has been helpful in boosting student confidence by decreasing the social issues related to wearing the right clothes."
A counselor comment: "...students self-concept soars...even in the days ahead..."
A grandparent of a participating student wrote this note, "...I want to thank everyone involved for your kindness and generosity and helping provide my grandson with wonderful school clothes to help him feel proud of his appearance and be successful at school this year."
Student comments: "..."it felt really cool and special" and " Thank you for the clothes. The clothes fit on very well and I really like the red jacket I got."

A counselor comment:  "OSB provides a positive relational experience as well as a resource of new clothing which are factors that build resilience for students at risk."

Another parent comment:   "Attending Operation School Bell not only helps relieve some of the financial burden for our entire family, it gives my 7-year-old daughter a sense of independence to be allowed to choose what she likes to wear."

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