Assistance League of Kansas City - President's Message

Welcome to Assistance League of Kansas City!

  • Every fall thousands of kids need new school clothes, backpacks and school supplies to start school?
  • Countless children year-round suffer loss of shelter, clothing, or need medical attention from a family crisis, emergency or abuse?
  • Thousands of traumatized children suffering from a family emergency or crisis are comforted by a cuddly stuffed bear made available to Emergency departments and Fire/Police departments?
  • Hundreds of lonely seniors with few if any visitors in care centers can smile when receiving a visit, a card, a small gift or entertainment from a volunteer?
All of these services and many more are provided by Assistance League of Kansas City volunteers.

Our mission is to serve the unmet needs of children and adults in the Kansas City metro area.

Assistance League of Kansas City, with 380 volunteers, is one of 120 chapters with 122,000 members nationwide.


The majority of the funding for these programs and services come from donations and the sales at THE ReSALE SHOP, an upscale thrift shop located 6601 N. Oak St., Gladstone, MO and financial contributions from Grants, Foundations, Corporations and individuals.

80% of the funds generated for these client services are returned to the community by Assistance League of Kansas City with 100% volunteer management (no paid staff).

If you are interested in joining a caring, resourceful group of professional individuals, come volunteer with us.
Essential needs are met in our community and families flourish”

Kay Weir
President 2019-2020